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Sander's Sexy
Seabass Streamer

Sea bass streamer

It is no secret that Nayat Hair is a popular product for tying streamers.The way it moves in the water is just awesome.

Sander Zuidinga made a beautiful seabass pattern with it. It was Johan Put who toke the time and effort to record how this fly should be tied.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful seabass streamer, that only needs Nayat Hair and some eyes – look no further and learn how to tie this proven pattern!


Materials used are (click on a material for a link to the internet)

Bekijk hier de bindvideo:

Some additional notes for this streamer:

  • a very sharp pair of scissors is essential to be able to cut the fibers and trim the fly
  • take your time to trim the fly in the right shape
  • use your fantasy with blending in combination with Nayat hair to make your own creations.
Here are some ideas (click the picture for a larger one):