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CDC shrimp -
seatrout candy

Flyfishermen know that shrimps are a major source of seatrout food. Of course, when the time is right, seatrout can go crazy on worms, sandeels or herring. But year round, they will feed on shrimps.

Since some years the Pattegrisen has become a popular shrimp pattern. Personally I also like the more natural shrimp imitations. Many years ago I often used the honey shrimp. With its rubber legs, it brought many seatrout in the net.

Nowedays I use André Miegies cdc shrimps with a lot of confidence. You can make them in grey, tan, light and dark brown and even white. It’s secret is in the cdc material used. It moves so gently and natural in the water. When wet, it also becomes rather transparant; just like a real shrimp.

Here are the materials used in the movie below:

May some serious seatrout eat your cdc shrimp soon!

Watch the tying video here: